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Windows Recovery Support

Windows Recovery Support


Windows are a lot complex and difficult to deal with especial for the ones who do not have much knowledge about it. The users may at times face major problems which cannot be resolved without assistances thus Windows Support becomes a lot necessary for them. Technical assistances is what is needed at that moment to solve the Windows related issues. If you are facing any kind of problem pertaining to Windows there is no need to worry as we at VN Support will offer you the desired Windows Recovery Support. You can rely on us for remote assistance and we will offer you with the best of our services.


We also offer the users with Windows Backup which creates safety copies of your most important personal files so in this case you are always prepared for the worst. We will offer you with help in terms of keeping for important stuff extremely safe and sound safe and sound.


If you are looking for Windows Recovery our team of technical experts and computer smarts will again offer you with full recovery of all deleted files and folders that you might have lost due to several reasons like hard drive corruption or formatting, virus attack, malfunction etc.


Windows Recovery available at VN Support:


Our expert techs will offer you with instant help in terms of Windows Recovery which include recovery of


  • Data lost due to formatting or corruption of partitions
  • Recover data from internal and all external storage media.
  • Supports Recovery from Hard Drive
  • Supports all version of Windows and also ready for Windows 8

We posses all in one Windows Repair tool which fixes a large majority of known Windows problems including registry errors and file permission.

Why us?


  • We offer round the clock services
  •  Most reasonable rates
  • Services provided by trained experts
  • Satisfactory and speedy services


If you are looking for expert technical assistance in the most viable manner and the most reasonable rates call for us at our toll free number 1800-897-8685 and avail the instant services offered by us in no less time.


Plan & Rates

One Year for 1 PC
Best way to try our unlimited services 24/7

12 Month
Support For All Windows & Mac Problems
Support For Virus and Spyware Problems
Support For Internet & Wireless Issues
Support For Email client Configuration
Support For Software Installation and Removal
Support For Wireless, Network Printer & many more.
No Automatic Renewal

or Call 1-800-897-8685

Customer Says:

Hi! My name is Janet Weathers and I am sending this e-mail from Riverside, California. Yesterday--03/24/14 - Monday, it was such a pleasure to work with Mr. Govind Singh, a VN Technician. Govind was able to address a most difficult new e-mail configuration, as well as other pertinent issues on my computer. He was courteous, patient and highly efficient; it was quite apparent that Govind possesses considerable knowledge and understanding of computer technology! He was able to correct and repair issues that I in no possible way could have done, myself-- I wish to extend my deepest gratitude for the immense time and effort that Govind expended in order to facilitate a well-running computer, once again. My greatest appreciation for your fine work, Govind, and I hope that on a future occasion, I will enjoy the pleasure of working with you, once more. You are indispensible to your organization--thank you very much!! One more comment: Each and every technician with whom I have had contact, has been well-qualified; I want you each to know that your expertise has been greatly appreciated!

Janet Weathers


Dear Sir. My name is Navideh Alipour customer ID#009245 from Florida, United States Of America.i have been tour customer since November 2011 and all i can tell your customer care and technical support is out standing and brilliant.On August 28th 2012 due to a harmful virus, my computer got infected.More than the losing information on my system i lost the hope to have my life and work document back.There was many attempt to recovery the computer with different Techs in different time of working.I lost the hope, and believed its the waisting time and energy to continue the recovery, frustrated, hopeless and helpless was my feeling.I gave up, but none of your tech did.I have more than 20 Voice mail regarding the attempt of your employee to reach one gave up on me or the job they cared about.I want to have a spacial thank for Sam,David,Dennis,Chandan, and finally for Saurabeh.Because of the lost of date, i lost my land line and only way to be connected to VN support was my cell phone and IT WAS NOT REALLY EASY OR cell phone cut off more than hundred times and statues and voice interruption was exceed.I told saurabeh that i am going to throw away the computer and already bought the new laptop , in order to discontinue the work ,but he assured me not only to save the computer but also he will retrieve the lost information.It was like a miracle when i saw how all files one after the other one appearing on the desk top.Again i am short on words to show my appreciation toward to you to have a such wonder full and knowledgeable technicians and thank for all good people to not giving up on desperate customers.i hope you reflect my way of appreciation to your all good people.Thank you very much.

Navideh Alipour


To whom it may concern..... Saurabh just patiently helped me setup my new printer. I am completely exhausted. If it had not been for his perseverance this feet would never have been accomplished! He was most professional and kind. I actually wondered if something like this could be accomplished over the phone.......I had called AT&T for a was a real mess.....But Saurabh was able to help me find what we needed so that I could have my printer be wireless!!! I cannot tell how grateful I am to having this service and people like Saurabh to help me!!! I really did not think I would get this setup this way. Prayers, Best wishes, \"cris\"

Patricia Crisafulli


They are great! Rajat is an excellent technician. The best I\\\'ve had so far. Always friendly and ever helpful anytime 24/7. On a 10 scale they 11.5 . Don\\\'t take my word, try them, you\\\'ll be happy. Go Rayjat!

James Adams
Adams farm


VN Support has been wonderful for me, since I\\\'m not very knowledgeable of computers. I was connected with a technician named SAM. I have to say Sam you are the best of the best. You took care of all my needs and helped me in a very patient way. I appreciated all of the advice you have given me, that is why I want you to always help me. Hey VN Support this guy does a great job for you.

Debbie Nye
home base


For the prior three days, Sam, Rakesh and others have made my computer workable again! They patiently worked through each \\\"virual\\\" problem and cleaned up obstacles to proper execution of my PC. And they were EXCELLENT about explaining things to me that were probably very complicated. THANKS

Jeanna Dysart
Testimonial and Thanks


Rakesh Rana did a fantastic job this past weekend cleaning my computer.He did the job in a very timely manner. Thank you SO much.



i want to thank you service people to be so good in helping me with my probleme and their patients with me and the length of time they spent on my problem. you have a wonderful group of service people.Thank them again for me

edward blum
suppoty services
ed blum inc


You have successfully solved the problem of someone breaking into my computer with unwanted mail. Thank you for your help. It was much appreciated. Maxine Dusig

Maxine Dusig
Santa Monica, CA 90403
Maxine Dusig, MFT


They are great.This is the way to go never leave home or have a stranger in your home.They are always there The Best



Mar. Rakesh Rana was my technician and I COULD NOT have gotten a better person. He really knew what he was doing and my computer works now better than it did when it was new. I really appreciate him and all he did.I am sure graatful that I subscribed to Ascentive. Thanks! Shirley USA

Shirley Griffin
Sun City Center, FL
Home Computer


Thank you for your support. I feel confident that my laptop is running smoothly. Chandan is very knowledgeable and patient. It was a pleasure working with him. Keep up the great work that you are doing

Linda Wagner


I can\\\'t find My last session with Rakesh Rana went very well. Thanks.

Phil Boland
Not Applicable


Kudos to David (Naveen) for his and all staff involved with your terrific help and service. I would not have been able to complete all the nesc. tasks to clean up my computer myself. Look forward to working with them in the future. Thank You Bunches!!!

Scott D
Home PC


Sumit was patient and efficient. Shane was curtious and efficient. I trust my confidence in VNsupport will only grow. The problem is solved.

Christine Gyarmathy


Dear Support Dept., Over the past few months I have had to contact your support dept. to assist me with some very complicated computer task. I am very new to computers, and I could not have learned better on how to use a computer if it were NOT for the experienced technicians you have representing your company. This evening I had a technician by the name of Soni, who then transferred me to a Sr. Tech., by the name of Abby. RAJAT, Rana, Danish, Dennis, Rakesh , Steve, Michel also assisted me, and did an outstanding job also. Abby was excellent in walking me through the issues of my concerns regarding fixing my printer this evening, and she did fix my printer, and checked all my upgrade features and speeds. In closing, I know my membership will be expiring soon, however, don\'t worry, I will be re-newing my contract subscription. Any other feedback you need from me, feel free to contact me. Thank you, your team, and everyone else at \"feedback support!!!!\" My customer I.D. Number is: VNUS008138 My case number I have used was Case ID 050420122343 Again, thank you, all of you. PEACE!

Saundra Jake Brown


The technicians(VN support Techician RAJAT (ABBY)and agent DAVID(AMIT) and Michael(Abhilash) were very helpful and did a fabulous clean-up for me and answered all my questions completely. Thank you sooo much!

patricia cameron





Thank you Andrew, for your excellent help in getting my computer working correctly and allowing me to play my PurePlay poker game again. You are a valuable asset to your company! Thanks again!

Elaine R Gill


rajat is a very skilled and good tech , hes solves the problem with very little problems , hes a very smart person that u need more of at your site .

Mike D


Sorry I missed the call back. I want to thank Rakesh Rana for a great job he did cleaning up my computer and installing Norton 360 5.0 on Sunday 3/25/12. So far everything seems to be working well. Thank you again Rakesh

Rosetta Gaines


I greatly appreciate the promptness of having VNSupport contact me. I had not expected such a quick turnaround to my email inquiry about Anti-Malware and operation of my computers. Much thanks is due to Abby and Rajat supporting me on-line. This takes much patience on behalf of these technicians because all communication must be typed and having to wait for a response from the customer. Both technicians were extremely courteous and kept in constant keyboard contact as to what they were doing. It was enlightening to me to have both computers being checked and independent of each other. Both Abby and Rajat tracked as if they were sitting beside me. This is true excellence and I\'m a very satisfied customer. Without verbal communication, I would say that it makes the technician\'s job more challenging. But, both technicians kept in keyboard contact with me and we breezed through the process. Both my Anti Malware and cleaning of my computers were done without a glitch. This excites me because I have very little computer skills except for typing. Thank you and I\'d be more than happy to recommend VNSupport to my friends who are less computer literate than I. Please pass to Abby and Rajat my appreciation and extend a Job Well Done. Timely, courteous, ready to answer my questions to terms that I understood (show and tell by following the arrow - super easy). Thanks again.

Joan Escalfullery


Thank you so very much for your great support. Today I needed an upgrade to Internet Explorer 8. I am so very thankful for the excellent service from Rakesh Rana. Wow I now am able to view video ( U Tube) with a better functioning computer. Rakesh also cleaned up my computer, was never impatient, always courteous asking if I needed anything else done. Wow! Thank you so very much. I am so glad I have your service.

Dr E Smith


Andrew provided excellent support in getting me back up and running. I would gladly work with him again.



Eddie and Andrew where a terrific help in getting me back on line. The entire time was about 2.5 hours and they were cool and calm the whole time, I greatly appreciate the time and energy they put in for what was a dumb mistake on my part. I am very thankful that you have people like them working for the company. Thank you very much

Paul Glaza

Home User


I have just purchased an agreement with VNSupport to get help with keeping my computer working up to speed and getting maximum benefit from its use. I do not know very much at all about the mechanics of computer software, hardware or their related problems. I had my first session with cleaning up my computer today. I just picked my computer up from Best Buy three days ago because the computer had shut down on me. I thought the computer was fixed. After chatting with Adwait on line, he showed me the reasons for the shut down and he was very patient in explaining the difficulty to me and in correcting it. I appreciate the help. I also very much appreciate getting to the source of the problem. Thank you.

Home User


To whom may it concern: Feb. 28, 2012 – customer id vnus008953 I was recently serviced by mr. DINESH from Norton to resolve an email issue. i was very pleased with the service. I found him to be competent and efficient. Further, he has a very helpful personality.

Le Roy Nosaka
Home User


Rakesh Rana and the whole VN support team were great, and did a thorough job of cleaning up my computer.

VN support


Danish was very helpful in resolving my problem with my new computer & printer.

David Abrego
Clinical Microbiologist


I was very pleased with the support that I received last night from Nick and Chandun. They were polite and patient and made the experience easy. I will be using your service on a monthly basis because I want my laptop to perform at optimum capacity. Thank you for your help.

Linda Wagner
telephone help
home laptop


I’m a retired Vice President with Citigroup. During my active career of 41 years, I was deeply involved in the Customer Service activity for the Credit Card business. During the last 10 years I was in charge of the Office of Presidential Communications for the Sears Credit Portfolio. So, I’m well qualified to recognize and comment on Customer Service issues. In that light I would like to say, during all my interactions and contacts with VN Support, my expectations have always been exceeded. I’m sure all of the support staff is great, but I want to specifically identify one. His name is Sam, (Sanjeev Kumar). I always ask for him (I refer to him as Dr Sam) and he NEVER lets me down. He is outstanding! You’re so lucky to have such a knowledgeable and professional person on your staff. He makes me feel appreciated as a customer. William Younger Customer ID: VNUS008650

William Younger
Vice President


MEMO To: THE PRESIDENT OR CEO. V.N Support Systems Sirs, I think it would be inconceivable if I did not register with you my appreciation and gratitude for SAM’s extraordinary technological expertise demonstrated in working with me for the past year. His knowledge and responsibility to his job is above and beyond my expectations. Because of him, I have recommended VN Support systems to three new people. Whenever I have some technical or security problems with my computer, I usually ask for SAM because he is always able to fix “completely” the problem. He has, on occasions, fix what another technician may have missed or did not understand. Another good quality is that SAM always ask if there is anything else he can help with. (I must say that all your techs asks that question which is a good business principle). SAM’s computer knowledge is better than what H.P’s technicians offers and are less frustrating and time- consuming. Sorry I do not know his last name, but I am sure you will recognize him. My feed- back for SAM is very positive. I felt it was worth the effort, and time to search the Web, to find how to contact you, and to acknowledge my respect and confidence and approval for SAM for over a year. I am a retired Educator and a Writer who has just published a book, and his technical skills and computer knowledge was very complementary to my progress in writing. Ann Levy

Ann Levy


W.R.Bibby I have had problems more then once and your people have took a step above and beond service. Very polite and helpfull. Could not ask for better service. For that I wish to Thank you ALL!!!

W R Bibby
Sevice Above and Beond


VNSUPPORT is great the employees there are wonderful and so nice we recently had problems with our dsktop and laptop and RAKESH RANA was so help in repairing all problems i would recommend them to anyone who needs help rakesh rana was so helpful and done a wonderful job they are all great

Linda Lindsey


I started incomputers in 1965. I haave been sys admin, network mgr.ops mgr. I just finished working with your tech Andrew, and he was great, very professional, and polite and knew whathe was doing. He gets 4.0 well done one of the best techs I worked with in 40 years of computers (PLEASE DO NO USE MY LAST nAME ANY WHERE. tHANK YOU

Bob Buerger


I just wanted to thank Amit for the excellent service he provided. My pc had a virus that almost madde it crash and he was able to get rid of it. He was very professional, friendly, patient, and most of all extremely knowladgable. My sincere gratitude to Amit!!!! For sure i will recommend this service to all my friends:)



I have really appreciated all the guys who have helped me out when I have had computer problems. They are very professional and have a lot of patience with me when I work with them. I t has been a very worthwhile investment .

Aaron Shepard


Hi Folks, I will like to thank Shane and the Norton technicians who supported me in getting my PC back in full operation. The service was very comprehensive and their attitudes were very professional. I look forward to working with you in the future, and I will certainly recommend your services to all of my acquaintances. Thank you.

Henry Phills


Thanks to David. He was able to resolve our main issue with our computer and steer us in the right direction to keep our computer in top working shape. Not being very computer literate, he saved us bigger problems in the future. Excellent phone and online support, very prompt when as to when he said he would contact us to resolve our issue. Thanks again. Neal Ledgley, Amherstburg, Ontario Canada.

Neal Ledgley


January 28, 2012 To Whom It May Concern: I have spoken with your representatives a few times to resolve questions about computer usage issues I was having. Without question, your people have been courteous, exceedingly patient, and evidenced a strong technical skill base \"savvy\". They have a warm, friendly manner that makes the customer feel comfortable, yet they remain focused on resolving the issues/questions that are the reason for contracting technical support from your company. I believe I have spoken with Andrew before. He quickly and easily interpreted my problem and communicated its resolution in a clear, efficient manner. He is representative of the excellent communication skills, people skills, skilled understandings of problem-solving an issue and has remained calm, focused and gracious in all interactions. People, such as Andrew, are the \"heart\" of your service-oriented company. Your success depends on their total skill-package and Andrew has been consistent in providing excellence of service in achieving company goals. I feel you have provided service and expertise per our contract for services and I am very pleased. Thank you.

Happy Customer


Thank you very impressed with the professional and courteous way my problem was handled great group of people. looking forward to dealing with any problems in the future big worry off my back thank you again and keep in touck with new products or upgrades.



To whom it may concern: I recently purchased a one year service for one of my computers, I would like to let the person in charge of technical support that Andrew the technician that assisted me was very professional and extremely educated in his field of expertise, he carried out all the repairs in a detail manner and went beyond the call of duty, I would also like to recognize the first sales/tech that I spoke too, his name was Steve, he also helped me recognize the problems and his sales skills were also very good. I would certainly recommend your services to my friends and associates Thank you for a great service

Rolando Pestana



Well, this is new for me. Am glad to find something who sees what i see. Keep this just like its going. You are doing great, and I\'ll be reading always this blog.




They were very helpful in getting a very bad virus out of my computer, it took a while but he answered my questions and concerns and now my computer is better. Thank You.

Joanne Genna


I have two computers that were messed up. I am 70 years old and do not know zip when computer is not working properly. I am not quite sure how I got in touch with you, but it was an excellent experience. Working with and talking to Steve was fantastic. He explained everything very well and followed through and fixed all problems. Thank you. Robert L Thomas

Robert L Thomas


Thank you for the excellent support. Andrew did a very professional job. Greatly appreciate the help.

Matt Zoll


I opened an account with your company today, and was greatly impressed with Mr. Michel Harvey. He was very helpful and professional. He took care of our problem which I am sure was very challenging. So again thank you and please keep up your very helpful company, and your high standards for the people you hire to represent you. Best Regards

Bill Hayes


Today the technician that worked out the kinks on my laptop was Mike. He was excellent as are all of your technicians! I am impressed by the services that you provide and will refer your services to my friends. I will continue to utilize this service for as long as I have my laptop! Thanks for your fabulous protection and the professional and personal service that you give. A very satisfied customer.

Bonnie Ogle Taylor


To Whom It May Concern: Today I spent an hour or so with tech Rakesh Rana. He was very pleasant, polite, efficient and patient with me. He answered any questions I presented in a very professional and knowledgable way. I feel that your program must have improved since my first experience with this company because there were less communication problems due to accents and impatience. I wish to commend Rakesh on a job well done. Respectfully,

Carolyn Bibby


Thanks for all of your help. Thanks to Micheal Harvey and Andrew my computer is working . Both were very professional , patient and helpful. The expertise of both individuals was outstanding. Keep up the good work. Sincerely,

Wildred Elcan


Your rep, Mike, was extremely helpful this morning in getting my computer back and working. I do appreciate the excellent service and his help. I knew nothing about VN Support when I first asked for help, then signed up and paid, but it looks like I\'ve made a good decision in choosing your service.

Oliver J Bourgeois


I wish to commend one of your excellent employees,Vicky, for her skill and patience. She was most helpful yesterday in restoring my computer after it had been infected with the System Fix virus. I very much appreciate the quality of your service and of your service people. Thank you,

Larry Rubiino


Hi this is just a quick note to let someone know how much I appreciate and have enjoyed doing business with everyone I have met and spoken with at your company.. everyone that I spoken with was knowledgeable and kind and polite. I will be soon signing my daughter up so her computer will have the same support and protection. I believe that it is money well spent and would pass this company\'s name on to my friends and family. Thank you so very much. Yours Truly;

Brigitte Bicknell


To Whom It May Concern: On Wednesday, November 30, 2011 we purchased support from your company for one year (3 computers). During the first day of support, I was helped by different technicians, Sam, Nick and Mike. There may have been another technician (named Pawen or Paven) that helped me as well, but I am unclear about the name of that technician. I would like to thank all of the members of your staff/team that helped me to get two of my computers up and running. The performance of both the desktop and the laptop are both greatly improved. All of the staff members were polite and helpful. However, I would like to state that Sam has been especially helpful in dealing with my problems. He is very well spoken and easy for me to understand. He has shown a great deal of patience in working with me and has worked with me for many hours to resolve my problems. I would also like to state that he inspires confidence and that at all times I felt very secure in allowing him to work on our computers. I recommend that you treat Sam well in the future because he is surely a great asset to your company. I wish to take nothing away from the other technicians who helped me by stressing how much I like Sam. All of your technicians showed utmost respect and great interest in helping me. I look forward to doing business with your company in the future and have already begun to recommend your services to others in my circle of business associates and friends. Sincerely yours,

Sheila Karlson


Hi this is just a quick note to let someone know how much I appreciate and have enjoyed doing business with everyone I have met and spoken with at your company.. everyone that I spoken with was knowledgeable and kind and polite. I will be soon signing my daughter up so her computer will have the same support and protection. I believe that it is money well spent and would pass this company\'s name on to my friends and family. Thank you so very much. Yours Truly;

Brigitte Bicknell


To whom it may concern: I was very satisfied of the service rendered by theVNSupport. Technicians are technically equiped, well-versed of what they are doing, and have an excellent professionalism in dealing both by phone or chat. During the process of fixing my machine remotely, they listen very carefully on the issues I am experiencing and execute the surefire resolution to what I need and to my likings. I am very happy with your service guys!!! I would recommend the VNSupport as an online technical support. Shoky, hey man, you did a great job!!! I\'ll post the to my facebook. Thank you and more power to VNSupport, USA



Any one having issues with computer, If you are like me you buy a computer buy some start up feature from the big box store and start to work on it. You pay your bills on-line and order from stores, giving up your personal information. Well I was at a point I could not get a program to work, so I randomly called VN Support. Well my random search hit a gold mine! These tech\'s spent hours and hours pulling over 500 infections out of my computer.........yes 500! They are for real and look no further they will help and get things not only cleaned up but working faster. Great company, sign-up now. signed,



over the course of the last three nights I have been helped by John & Addy. needless to say i had many viruses & compatibility\'s issues that was very frustrating to me. we worked together about 4-6 hours per session all the time having patience with my limited computer skills. i am happy to report all issues are gone, i was taught a few shortcuts & other basic tips that will help me tremendously in the future. They are very skilled & professional technicians and i give all high marks.



I signed up for your unlimited plan yesterday after getting some help from Zac. I needed to call back today for help with a question and both times I found him very easy to communicate with, and very helpful. Thank you,

Kristy Weyrauch


To Whom it may concern; I have just spent about an hour with one of your technicians named John. He was polite and extremely helpful in fixing my new computer and new printer. He got everything working perfectly and guided me through everything. I wanted to let you know it was great. Thank you for your help.

Noeline Carter


My customer ID is #VN008112 and my name is Rosalie Flemke. I called today with problems with my computer. Nit was the gentleman who took my call and after many hours of working on my computer, I am very pleased to say that my computer seems to be in good working order. The service that I received was excellent and Nit and everyone else was very helpful and patient. I had to call back because of a problem and I was fortunate to have Nit answer the phone again and once again he worked through the problem. I did buy your service and hopefully I won\'t really need the help again, but if I do I am confident that I will have the same courteous and very helpful response as I did today. Thank you,

Rosalie Flemke


dear sirs, Your technician was very helpful in deleting the files that the other technician company said was impossible to delete, I am glad that I found your Company!

Jim Gunsch


Your technical person was able to give the support I needed--In a timely and courteous method. Thanks again



I want to thank Nick & John for helping me out last night. Nick spent a lot of time trying to convince me to switch over to vn support. My computer had not been cleaned up since I purchased in 2005 or 6. I assume it was John who took over cleaning it up. Anyway, I just wanted to send a note saying what a great job they did. Hopefully I will be a happy camper for years to come.

Dave Kosak


I just wanted to let you know that the Tech that helped me get the infection out of my pc was wonderful. He was polite, efficient and kept me informed on each step he took. I am 72 years old and was quite sick with my copd and a cough . He suggested me to put the phone down and get a glass of water and he would stand by while i did this. Mosst of the experiences I have had have been with very impatient technicians and this was a joy to deal with your rep. I can\'t give you his name but I wish I could he deserves at least a well done from management. Thank you






Thanks so very much for help me out and getting my system virus free. Do I need to set anything to ensure I get frequent virus scans? Jack and Andrew were the greatest. Chet

Chet Nolf USAEagle


I have been dealing with some computer issues and have had to call your support line 3 times. The individuals I dealt with were great, and worked until the problem was fixed. Thanks to all there.

Lori Hoffmann


I just want to say how happy I am with the support that I received tonight. I was helped by Manoj and am so pleased with his knowledge and attitude in helping me. It has been a truly great experience. Everything that I needed help with was addressed and all is well . Thank you so much.



I wanted to reply about the service your company has provided. I talked to Pavan today, and he was able to solve 3 or 4 problems for me - in just minutes. I have worked with your other techs at your company, and I\'ve found that their experience level is also very impressive. I especially like the way they speak very clear English. In the past (with other tech support companies) it has been very difficult to communicate effectively with them. That\'s not the case with your company. I have worked in the computer industry for well over 20 years (before the PC) and I have rarely encountered such professional phone support personnel. Good Job. I\'ll pass the word about your great service. Thanks



Two days ago I contacted you for assistance, not having been able to get into my internet ( Explorer and Firefox ). The tech that assisted me was outstanding both with respect to his help and patience. I understand that he is one of your senior people. I am so very glad that I recently signed up for your service.

Lawrence Rubino


I just received considerable help in installing McAfee and in clearing up my computer by Andy and Soni. They were both extremely helpful and patient. they are both extremely competent in their fields.

Bud Shackleton


On Friday, September 16, Sandy assisted me in getting my Internet Explorer to work properly. He was very efficient in getting this done and the problem is now solved. Thank you.

Susan Bock


Two gentlemen worked with me, well they did all the work and I just watched, and they were outstanding in getting everything back on track. Nick and Pavan understood the problem I was having, worked with me to solve it and then worked it all out. I am so pleased to be with this program for at least the next two years. I will be checking with them as problems come up. Thanks Nick and Pavan, nice job.

Ronald L Sodoma



Elaine Gill


I am very pleased with the service I am receiving from this gentlman. I am not computer sauvvy and he has had patience with me which I appreciate.

lois chase


I am writing this note to thank your technician by the name of Pavan for his excellent assistance in resolving my computer problems a few days ago. He was very patient and helpful to me. Both of my computers that he worked on seem to be working fine at this time.

Raymond E Smith


I had the pleasure of working with Neeraj with issues on 2 systems. He has been working on my systems for approximately 30 + minutes. I am retired but before I retired I used to do his job. Things sure change in a short time. He has been extremely helpful, proficient, and professional. He took the time to work both systems. When a tech takes that kind of time, he is a great asset to your organization. Please insure that he is recognized for his performance and professionalism.

Russ Fitzhugh


Thank you for the assistance I received today by Soni on the computer problems I encountered. Very knowledgeable person.



I signed up for your program on Sat. Oct 8, with \'Steve\' (I assume this is his telephone name for American subscribers) and he had asked that I send in some feedback on the process I went through. And so I am doing it. I also called today because of some questions I had and spoke to \'Nick\'. I can say that both experiences have been very favorable for me. Steve gave me a great deal of time and patience with my uncertainties which I appreciated. After him, he turned me over to Soni to do the fixing up of what was a quite infected computer with a couple of pages of \"at risk\" and \"warning!\" notations which surely scared me. My estimate is that the whole process took about 4 hours, so maybe I have already received my $300 worth of membership, and I still have almost 2 more years to go. I was told that everything on my computer software has been corrected which is surely comforting. Of course, time will tell if I remain very satisfied, but so far things are quite good, and the price seems very reasonable. On today\'s call, Nick, too, was quite helpful and patient for some questions I had. On the first day after I signed up I didn\'t see any improvements in my computer,such as with its speed, but today, the second, it seems to be faster. Also, I got a \"Not responding\" when I turned on Microsoft Word, but today it was okay. Nick did say there can be a buildup over a week or two for corrections to come on, so I shall see. I can mention some other positive things I have already experienced about your service. My 3 calls to your 800 number have been picked up very promptly. I\'m very glad you have a 24/7 service. I\'m very glad you have staff whose English is not heavily accented. A significant problem I have found with these overseas service centers is that the accents can make it difficult to understand which can contribute a lot to dissatisfaction. (That the U.S. is losing out on so many things is disturbing, but that is not a topic to go into here.) Finally, I note in your initial email giving the terms of my subscription with you, it states I will \"get the best technical support for One major issue\". That word, \"One\" (and the \'O\' was capitalized, no less) did prompt me to call. Nick who told me my coverage was for as many software problems as I will have over these next 2 years with my computer and printer. Assuming he is correct, I would suggest you take out that word \'One\' and substitute it with something like \"as many problems as you have\", and even capitalize the \'As Many\'. Okay, thank you.

William Drucker


Just a small note, to thank you for all your fine help with my computer problems. Was working with a tech Vicky and she did a fine job on helping me with my problems Note: all you people I have had to help are all sharp techs and I know I am in good hands as always. Thank you all at VNsupport,

Norman A Lee


Excellent tech support very friendly and knowlegable Alton

Debbie Henning


Hello, Jack and Naveen Soni: It was very nice talking to you. You were very helpful with all of my laptop problems. I thank you for fixing all of them. I alsothank you for your kindness and patience when speaking with me, as now you know that I don\'t know what I am doing. Howver, with your support I am confident that I will learn how to use this laptop. Thank you and Bless you!

Irene emery


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